Creating the culture, not by the roadmap!

All of NEET blockchain applications are decentralized and open to EVERYONE in the Ecosystem.

If you’re a NEET NFT holder then you receive discounted access to services and a share in the value of the platform’s growth.

NEET Holder Benefits across all our products:

  • Where available, the platform charges a 5% service fee on various products and services.

  • NEET holders receive a share of 2% of the service fee collected on the platform, paid on the first day of each month.

  • Holding additional NEET NFTs increases your share of the service fees collected.

  • The NEET treasury holds the remaining 3% to support sever costs, product development, and achieving NEET’s Vision of Pure Eden.

Product 1: Launch NEET Heaven

  • Develop and launch the NEET Heaven website to provide information about the project, team, and mission.

  • Establish a community presence on social media platforms and anime forums.

  • Build partnerships with anime-related projects and influencers to expand reach.

Product 2: NEET Raffles

  • Users can utilize the application to create NFT Raffles and raise capital in $Token. Raffles are structured based on ticket price, supply, and time settings, with the latter determining the raffle's end. Ticket price and supply parameters signify the potential funds a user can generate.

Product 3: NEET Swap

  • NEET Swap, an AMM DEX built on the Astar zkEVM, offers users fast and low-cost trading, along with opportunities to provide liquidity, earn rewards through yield farming and staking mechanisms, and participate in lottery and prediction features. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of supported tokens, NEET Swap aims to democratize DeFi and enhance accessibility to decentralized finance services.

Product 4: NEET Lottery

  • A decentralized application allows anyone to purchase tickets for a Decentralized Lottery, where one ticket holder will win the accumulated funds at a specified time. A 3% service charge is deducted from the total lottery, and a 5% charge is allocated to enhance the next lottery pool. Hence, the winning ticket holder receives 92% of the draw's value.

Product 5: NEET Lend

  • NEET Lend offers borrowing and lending features accessible to all users. Users can choose to be either a Borrower or a Lender. A Borrower pledges one NFT from their wallet to acquire a token amount from a Lender, committing to repay the Lender with interest within a specified time or risk losing the NFT. A Lender, holding $Token in their wallet, provides funds toward a Borrower's NFT, expecting repayment with interest or acquisition of the NFT in case of default.

*The products may overlap and the timeline for each phase may vary depending on the team's resources and priorities. Additionally, it may be necessary to iterate on each phase based on user feedback and market conditions.

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