How to create a raffle

Welcome to this guide where you're going to learn how to create raffles using the NEET Raffles dApp! In this guide, we will walk you through each step of the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord.

1. Navigate to Raffles

From the NEET landing page or the Raffles dApp landing page, navigate to "Product: Raffles" by hovering your mouse over the corresponding menu item in the navigation bar.

2. Enter Raffle Details

  1. Select NFTs: Choose up to five NFTs to include in the raffle.

  2. Raffle Name: Enter a unique name for your raffle.

  3. Select Blockchain: Choose the blockchain where the raffle will be conducted.

  4. Select Token: After selecting the blockchain, choose the token you want to use for the raffle.

  5. Set Minimum Raffle Proceed: Define the minimum number of participants required to proceed with the raffle.

2.1. Configure Raffle Parameters


Each raffle can have between 1 to 5 pricing options. The PricingOption must respect the following rules:

  1. The first pricing option's entriesCount (pricingOption[0].entriesCount), must divide the minimumEntries number evenly and be greater than zero.

  2. The entriesCount of each pricingOption must be evenly divisible by pricingOption[0].entriesCount.

  3. The price of all pricing options must be divisible by the number of entries it provides.

  4. The entries given must increase as pricing options are added; they can't be less or equal to the previous pricingOption entries.

  5. The price of the pricingOption must be greater than the previous pricingOption.

  6. The price per entry must be lower than the previous pricingOption.

If the raffle is successfully created, the function will return the raffleId and the prizes defined will be transferred automatically.

  1. Amount of Tickets: Set the number of tickets available for the raffle.

  2. Ticket Price: the price per ticket

3. Optional Packages:

  • Optional Package One: Define the number of entries and the price for this package.

  • Optional Package Two: Define the number of entries and the price for this package.

  • Optional Package Three: Define the number of entries and the price for this package.

  • Optional Package Four: Define the number of entries and the price for this package.

4. Set Raffle Date

  1. Manual Date: Choose a specific date for the raffle to start.

  2. Auto Date: Allow the system to automatically select a start date based on predefined criteria.

5. Authorize NFT Transfer

Authorize Transfer: Authorize the transfer of the NFT(s) to the contract operator.

6. Create Raffle

  • Create Raffle: Click the "Create Raffle" button to finalize the raffle setup.

  • Wait for Minimum Participants: The raffle will only proceed if the minimum number of participants is reached (e.g., ten participants).

7. Drawing the Raffle

  • Initiate Draw: Once the minimum number of participants is reached, anyone can initiate the draw from the raffle page.

  • Announce Winner: The system will randomly select a winner from the participants.

8. Claim Prize

  • Winner Claims Prize: The winner can claim their prize through the dApp interface.

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