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Bridging Assets to Astar zkEVM

This section offers comprehensive guidance on facilitating the bridging of your ETH to the Astar zkEVM.

  1. Ethereum L1 to Astar zkEVM: Bridging Ethereum Assets using Layerswap

    • Bridged ETH serves as the native token essential for testing and deploying dApps on the Astar zkEVM. Developers intending to utilize the network must bridge ETH from Ethereum Layer 1 to Astar Layer 2.

    • Accessing this bridge functionality is made possible through the Astar Portal. The bridging process typically takes between 5 to 15 minutes, contingent upon network traffic and usage.

Transfer ETH via the Layerswap

Navigate to the Layerswap website and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Choose the original network or Centralized Exchanges from which you wish to transfer your assets, and designate Astar zkEVM as the destination network.

Input the amount of ETH you intend to transfer, and optionally specify the recipient address. Confirm the transaction by clicking "Swap now".

After a few minutes, your ETH assets will be visible and accessible on Astar zkEVM.

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