Adding Astar zKatana to MetaMask

Astar zkEVM: Your Ethereum-Compatible Zero-Knowledge Scaling Solution

Astar zkEVM provides an Ethereum-compatible environment using zero-knowledge proofs, ensuring seamless operation for existing EVM smart contracts, developer tools, and wallets. Enjoy reduced transaction costs and increased throughput, all while maintaining Ethereum's security standards.

Solidity developers can easily transition to Astar zkEVM by switching to the zkEVM RPC and commencing development!

No Special Tools Needed for Astar zkEVM

You don't need any special tools or wallets to build or interact with Astar zkEVM.

Developers have the capability to deploy contracts from other EVM chains to the zkEVM seamlessly. Users can deposit assets from Ethereum to engage in batch transactions on the zkEVM, which are ultimately confirmed through innovative use of zero-knowledge proofs. With native account abstraction, developers can design user interfaces that are more intuitive and akin to web2, streamlining complexity and greatly simplifying the onboarding process.

Connecting to zkEVM

To integrate the network into MetaMask, utilize the data provided above or access the link located at the bottom of the respective block explorer page.

Bridging Assets

The subsequent step involves bridging assets from Ethereum to Astar zkEVM.

Astar's canonical zkEVM Bridge does not inherit any counterparty risk compared to 3rd party bridge services, and is trustless at the protocol level.

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