How to Connect Your Wallet

You've created a wallet and acquired your $ASTR tokens. Now, all that's left is to connect your wallet to NEET DApp Staking, and you're ready to proceed!

Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet to the Astar DApp Staking Portal, click on this link: and select Astar (L1).

After clicking on 'Select wallet', choose Polkadot.js from the native wallet section.

Upon clicking on Polkadot.js, a popup will appear requesting permission for the application process. You need to click on 'Yes, allow this application access'.

After clicking on 'Yes, allow this application access', you will be redirected to select your wallet again. This time, you will need to click on "Connect" after choosing your wallet.

Congrats! You have successfully connected your wallet to the Astar DApp staking portal.

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